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Friday, November 30, 2018

(Up there on top you got the NFB of Colorado Logo followed by “Live the life you want.”)

Blind Coloradoan Blog December 1, 2018
Here is what you need to know in brief.

Something to Bark About. NFB Newsline has gone to the dogs! No, we are not talking about the trouble we have had with the Colorado Springs Gazette of late. Sorry. We are working on it. We are talking about the availability of the magazine Dog Star. If you are a dog lover, you should check it out. If you have a guide dog, you will likely find pertinent doggie articles. There are dozens and dozens of magazines for our education and entertainment on NFB Newsline. If you are not a subscriber, it’s free! If you are a subscriber, when is the last time you pushed 7 from the main menu to listen to the list of available magazines? NFB Newsline is a service of which we can be very proud. Something to bark about.

They Had A BLAST. Again, this year the Colorado Association of Blind Merchants was well represented at Business Leadership and Superior Training, BLAST. Our crowd joined approximately 700 BLAST participants for an unparalleled tradeshow, training seminars, receptions, leadership development, and networking opportunities. The November, San Antonio, conference featured a tradeshow with access technology, micro markets and vending machines, food service and vending products and services. Brad Basta is President of our Colorado Association of Blind Merchants. Brad also serves as Chair of the Colorado Business Enterprise Program’s elected committee of blind operators. The Colorado BEP has experienced a period of significant growth lately. Growth comes with some growing pains. The training at BLAST allows program participants opportunities to hear from federal officials, leading vend operators from the private sector, colleagues from across the nation, and other subject matter experts. Unfortunately, the vaunted San Antonio weather, typically sunny and warm, was shrouded in chilly, misty, cloudy gloom! The gloom did not doom the conference. For more info about all matters related to BEP contact Brad Basta,

Where Did They Go? She taught Home Management at the Colorado Center for the Blind, but, she did so much more for our Center and all the students she served. This fall, Maureen Nietfeld went off to have a beautiful, bouncing baby boy. CCB will definitely miss Maureen’s highly creative, open, steadfast, loving presence. Of course, Maureen is not going anywhere. As usual, she takes on more in one day than most of us can do in a month! I am told she is going to work part time, go to school, raise a baby, serve as President of our Colorado affiliate’s Sport and Rec. Division. Congratulations Maureen and David, and welcome baby Logan to the Federation family. You should follow Maureen on Facebook. It’s fun to share her journey.

The Center has also lost the talents of Wayne Marshall. Wayne’s dedication to the seniors he taught and the other students for whom he role-modeled was a joy to observe. And, like all staff members at the Colorado Center for the Blind, his title also included, “duties as assigned.” Wayne established and was President of our NFBCO Aurora chapter. Wayne decided to move back to Georgia to be closer to family. Enjoy the family, Wayne. You are welcome here with your Colorado Federation family anytime!

I Wish I Had Received A Braille Letter from Santa When I Was A Wee Blind Lad. I know we mentioned this item in the last blog. If you know of a wee blind lass or lad, please tell Santa. I never got a letter in braille from Saint Nick. So, feel free to let Kriss Kringle know that he could make up for it by bringing little Kev a new braille note. To make a request, fill out the online form located at Requests must be received no later than December 14 so that Santa’s letter will arrive before Christmas.

Strike Up the Band! Seeking blind musicians, singers, songwriters, performers. Will you be playing for your holiday supper this year? We are assembling a directory of musicians. Amateur or professional. Sing it sister! Bring it brother! Are you looking for a gig? Are you performing a recital, providing music for a holiday gathering? Do you publish your songs? Do you know of a blind child taking lessons with an interest in performance? Please, lay it down for us. Send me name, phone number, email, experience, current effort, and aspiration. NFB of Colorado has often been treated to the National Anthem sung by Jen Spears at State Conventions. We often hear from Eric Woods and his collection of Stray Dogs. So, what’s your tune? Contact me,, or call 303-929-2369.

Blind Coloradoan Centerfold. Va-Va-Va-Voom! Ok, no hot pictures of guys or girls. I just wanted your attention. As many of you know, I graduated from the Colorado Center for the Blind many, many, many years ago. The Center changed my life. Over the past 30 years it has changed the lives of thousands. We are blessed to have this resource here in the beautiful state of Colorado. We love Colorado and we love our Center. So, forget Giving Tuesday, Black Friday, Wacky Wednesday, Throw Back Thursday. Please, please give to the Colorado Center for the Blind on Colorado Gives Day. Please urge your family and friends to give at least a few dollars to a cause as big as our Rocky Mountains. The more money we can raise, the more we will be eligible for some matching dollars. In recent years we have raised as much as $15,000 through Colorado Gives Day. I will be making my contribution before this letter goes to press. Support Us on Colorado Gives Day Dec. 4.

Who’s Your Santa? Come On! Who’s Your Santa? Who’s Your Santa? Dan Burke, co-aggregator of these blogs, posted about the Denver chapter’s upcoming holiday party to be held on Saturday, December 15th, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Colorado Center for the Blind. He said that blind Santa will be in attendance. He said that there will be eats, Christmas songs, and the white elephant scrum. Colorado Springs chapter is having one of those get togethers on December 8th, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Old Chicago on Academy and Austin Bluffs. For info about other NFBCO holiday events read the Blind Coloradoan posted on November 21st. Remember that these blogs are also posted on NFB Newsline for your edification.

Here is some good cheer from our Grand Valley chapter; President Margaret Williams and Chapter Marketing Maven, Rob Harris. On Friday, December 7th, be sure to join us for our monthly meeting, from 10 a.m. to noon at Mesa County Independence Center, 740 Gunnison Avenue. But wait! There is more! Parents, families, friends, and volunteers! The Parents of Blind Children gathering hosted by the National Federation of the Blind of Colorado Grand Valley Chapter will be happening Tuesday, December 11th, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Mesa County Arc, 845 Grand Avenue. Eats provided!

Steppin’ Out! WE Fit Wellness and NFBCO Sports and Rec. Division invites you to step out with us! For the next six months, USABA will partner with 17 organizations across the United States to provide more than 450 blind and visually impaired youth and adults with opportunities to increase their physical fitness levels and live healthier, more active lives. WE Fit Wellness will be partnering with USABA and the Anthem Foundation to develop events, offer coaching, and support to those of us here in Colorado. Participants get their own Fit Bit. Check your eligibility and get assistance. Email Jessica Beecham, Executive Director, WE Fit Wellness, Come on, Colorado! Go team, go! Join us for the National Fitness Challenge!

Blue Wave? Red Wave? Blind Wave? Join Us on The Hill. The Great Gathering In at Washington Seminar will take place at 5 p.m. January 28th. It will be an interesting time in our nation’s Capital. Click the link, get the scoop at

Walgreens Joins the Aira Access Network to Provide Free Aira Service in Stores Nationwide. Walgreens, one of the nation’s largest retailers, is the latest to join the Aira Access Network to provide free Aira service to shoppers who are blind or low vision. Shoppers can take advantage by downloading the Aira app on their Apple or Android phone, completing a quick registration, and placing a call when visual assistance is needed. Read the full press release,

Before putting this issue to bed, I tried to reach my partner in rhyme, Dan Burke. But I was told that he was elbow deep in pizza dough. “Duties as assigned.”

We aren’t promising a regular publication schedule, but we are working with our social media and NFB Newsline teams to bring you greater access to more current information about items in which you may have interest. We will be finding a space on our website and in social media and we will be posting all this information on NFB Newsline. We will also post on Colorado Talk and we will be developing other channels as we move forward. We will need your announcements and any brief observations. Just send me a note and we will get started.

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