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Wednesday, September 23, 2020


NFBCO 6 Dot Dash logo includes a number 6, A full braille cell, followed by the words Dot Dash and underneath 3 whozit characters running Presented By Comcast. Includes the Comcast "peacock" logo


 Runners of all ages cross the finish line at the first annual 6 Dot Dash 5KGroup of runners gather before the race near the exhibit tables

October 1-November 8, 2020
Virtual Running Event


·          5K Run/Walk – Sign up for the 5k and enter your time. If you aren’t happy, rerun it as many times as you would like before November 8th

·     Individual Mileage Challenge – Log your walk, run, swim, crawl mileage from October 1-November 8th and see how far you can make it across the state of Colorado.

·       Team Mileage Challenge – Get a team together and collectively log your mileage between October 1 and November 8th to see how far you can make it across the United States.


Join our Facebook Group Colorado 6 Dot Dash 

ONE GREAT CAUSE – Support the efforts of the National Federation of the Blind of Colorado and sign up today!

BECOME A FUNDRAISER – Sign up to become a fundraiser. If you fundraise $100 your registration will be refunded in full!


For more information, call 615-497-0435 or email

male runner crossed finish line and splashes an entire cup of water in face and over his head

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Attention, Attention! 3 Opportunities to Register and Serve


National Federation of the Blind of Colorado logo including the tagline Live the Life You Want

Writer, aggregator Kevan Worley. 
Contributing editor Dan Burke.

Here is what you need to know

Free! Free! Free! Registration for the 56th Annual State Convention of the National Federation of the Blind of Colorado is Open Now!

NFBCO State Convention, October 29, 30, & 31. Timely, information packed seminars. Door prizes. Our annual affiliate auction. A National Report from Executive Director Policy & Advocacy Jon Pare. Virtual costume contests for the kiddos. A panel of parents and educators of blind children. A star-studded open ceremony on Thursday evening, the 29th. And much, much more to be announced soon. Registration is free and open now.

Registration deadline is October 13. To be eligible to vote you must be registered and a member of the Federation. You must be registered for a chance at our great door prizes.

For more information or if you require assistance with registration call 303-778-1130 and leave us a message at extension 219. You may also email This year’s convention will be anywhere and everywhere over the Zoom platform. To volunteer prior to the convention, during the convention, or to donate auction items and door prizes please reach us by the email and phone number above. Please reach out and encourage every blind person you know to join us for another fabulous state convention of NFBCO.


6 Dot Dash. A Virtual Event for Braille Literacy, October 1- November 8. With Special Thanks to Comcast, Vanda Pharmaceuticals, and Blackstone Consulting Inc. Beat the Rush, Register Today!

          National Federation of the Blind of Colorado 6 Dot Dash logo

6 Dot Dash Presented by Comcast with Comcast logo

Participants running the Mary Carter Greenway Trail during the 1st Annual 6 Dot Dash

#ComeRunWithUs October 1-November 8, 2020


Join the National Federation of the Blind of Colorado and the Colorado Center for the Blind for VIRTUAL run/walk event to raise awareness and funds for Braille Literacy. For more information visit us online at



T-shirts     Finishers Medal     Fun Race Pep Rallies,

Individual and Team Mileage Challenges, 5k, Drawings and Giveaways

QR Code Scanner linking to 6 Dot Dash registration

Join Our Facebook Group – Colorado 6 Dot Dash

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Important Dates and Websites for the November 3 Election by Curtis Chong

Greetings to my fellow Coloradans:

Many people have characterized the November 3 general election as the most significant election in the history of this country. Whether we believe this to be true or not, there are a few important dates and websites that we, the blind, should keep in mind as the time of the election approaches.

We strongly urge all of our friends and colleagues to make sure you are registered. Vote accessibly if you are able. But, whatever you do, with assistance, accessible machine in person, by mail, PLEASE, PLEASE VOTE. This link will bring you to the important information that Curtis Chong has put together for us.


That’s It for This Edition of the Blind Coloradan

Forward, always Forward!

Important Dates and Websites for the November 3 Election

Many people have characterized the November 3 general election as the most significant election in the history of this country. Whether we believe this to be true or not, there are a few important dates and websites that we, the blind, should keep in mind as the time of the election approaches.


Important Dates


September 18, 2020

Colorado voters can view their sample ballots online.


October 9, 2020:

Printed ballots are mailed to all registered voters in Colorado. Voters with disabilities as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will be able to use Colorado's accessible online ballot marking system to mark and print their ballots.


November 3, 2020:

This is the date of the general election and the date on which printed ballots must be received by your county clerk. Voters who have not delivered their ballots by this date must place their printed ballots in an authorized ballot drop box or hand carry them to a voter service and polling center. Ballot drop box and voter service and polling center locations can be found by using your favorite search engine. Search phrases like "Arapahoe County Ballot Drop Box Locations" or "Arapahoe County Voter and Service center locations" should bring up the links you need.



Important Websites
Use this page to view your sample ballot, mark your ballot online, and print your ballot and ballot application. Voters with disabilities as defined by the ADA will be able to start marking their ballots on Friday, October 9, the day on which printed ballots will be sent by mail to all registered voters in Colorado. In effect, we get a jump on voting as compared to people who do not have a disability.
Use this website to register to vote or update your voter registration information. If you want to vote in the November 3 election and are not yet registered to vote, the deadline to register is eight days prior to the election. If you register to vote this late in the game, you will probably not receive a ballot in the mail. You can register online or change your registration information if you have a Colorado State ID or drivers' license. Otherwise, you will need to register in person.
Through this website, Colorado voters (except voters who vote in the city and county of Denver) can track the status of their ballot, from when it is mailed to when it is accepted. If you have never signed up for this service, now is the time to do so. Ballot status updates can be received via email or text message. The sign up is easy. All that is required is your first and last name, your date of birth, and your zip code. Of course, the system will need your email address, your cell phone number, or both.😊
Denver voters should use this site to track the status of their ballots.
This page lists all of the counties in Colorado and offers links to the election websites for these counties.
This link points to an accessible PDF document containing a complete roster of county clerks and recorders in Colorado.


Now is the time to exercise the one fundamental right which is the hallmark of our democracy. Get out there and vote!


Curtis Chong


Thursday, September 17, 2020

There Is So Much Happening We Needed to Release This Special Blind Coloradan


National Federation of the Blind of Colorado logo including tagline Live the Life You Want

                         Writer, aggregator Kevan Worley. 
                              Contributing editor Dan Burke.
                              Here is what you need to know

Ready! Set! Go!

We know that we are all confronting the stress, trials, and tribulations of the pandemic. But, this crisis, the elections, the anxiety, and social strife in which we now live is not stopping NFBCO and our Colorado Center for the Blind from our Fall agenda.

The NFBCO 6 Dot Dash will be running, running! a number of virtual activities during Meet the Blind Month. Registration for the NFBCO Comcast 6 Dot Dash also sponsored by Vanda Pharmaceuticals and Blackstone Consulting Inc. is open now!

There are so many ways to participate. We plan a number of virtual events for our members, participants, allies, supporters, families, and sponsors. This is truly going to be a fabulous fundraiser as well as a way to call the mission of our Federation to the attention of the public. More details coming soon. But, please, go to the website and register today!


Fall Means State Convention

NFBCO State Convention Anywhere and Everywhere over Zoom. 29, 30, & 31 October. Registration is FREE! Registration is open now! Soon we will be announcing a host of virtual activities, seminars, exhibits, special guests, and more! Deadline for registration is October 15. Members of the Federation and professionals in the field of blindness are encouraged to submit seminar proposals to Jessica Beecham, NFBCO First Vice President,

Moms and Dads of Blind Boys and Girls, An Important Meeting of The Colorado Organization of Blind Children Happens This Sunday, at 1 p.m. If You are a Parent or Caregiver, Family Member, Teacher, of a Blind or Visually Impaired Child Join CO-POBC and Help Make the Magic Happen

For information, contact Amira Lucas, Or just Zoom on over.

Meeting ID: 885 0922 5463

Passcode: 150567

One tap mobile



Mountain Time at 5 Was Back!

We thank all of our presenters and those who joined our Mountain Time at 5 Zoom call on Wednesday, September 16. Thanks to members Ileen Gallegos and Paul Sandoval for their presentation about Mexican Independence Day. Thanks to Ileen for her magical flute playing.


Colorado Center for the Blind May Have a Spot for You!

On our Mountain Time at 5 call, the Executive Director of the Colorado Center for the Blind gave us an information-packed exuberant report. Although there is a bit of a waiting list. If you are a person who is blind or vision impaired in need of a solid, progressive, engaging independence training program please contact Julie Deden,, 303-778-1130. You will probably be able to talk to the delightful Jennifer Spears, our resourceful receptionist.


LeAnn Rimes to Star at Sunset in The City

The Anchor Center for Blind Children invites you to support the loving work they do for blind preschoolers and their families. This year’s Sunset in the City is virtual. The online auction is open now. A wonderful program is planned for friends and supporters this Saturday evening the 19th. The Anchor Center nurtures and teaches our spiritual children. They are a highly valued partner of the National Federation of the Blind of Colorado. We urge you to register now and enjoy a top-notch program. The program is free, but you must be registered.


NFBCO Needs You

If you are blind and interested in lending a hand. We want you and we need you. For information about the work of our Inclusion and Diversity committee email We are building the Federation. One blind person at a time. Regardless of their other physical and social characteristics and backgrounds.


Attention All Doggers

Hey guide dog handlers, want to be’s, trainers, puppy raisers,

This Sunday at 4 is our regularly scheduled, only occasionally canceled, monthly meeting of the Colorado Association of Guide Dog Users. We have a few items of business and I am sure we will have a story or two to share with one another. We look forward to hearing all the doggers Sunday at 4. Our meetings do not exceed 1 hour. Onyx just won’t stand for it!

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 720 620 8007

One tap mobile



Voting is Accessible in Colorado

Curtis Chong, technical wizard and voting advocate for people with disabilities, has assembled a guide filled with resources for all of us who plan to vote in this November’s election. Voting begins by mail on October 9. We plan to post extensive information about the voting process in upcoming blogs.


Colorado Talking Book Library Fall Newsletter Can Be Found on NFB Newsline

Most of us appreciate our Colorado State Library. Learn what’s happening and how you can support our library. The newsletter is available on NFB Newsline or


You Thought That Was the Last Article? Neigh!

CCB keeps horsing around. In our most recent Blind Coloradan, we highlighted the independence training programs students experience learning to groom and enjoying an outing with Arapahoe County Sheriff Offices Mounted Unit. Director of Youth Services for CCB, Martin Becerra-Miranda, tells us that Sunday, September 13th families and blind children who participate in our FAST program got to enjoy that experience on Sunday, September 13. And by the way, that was also Grandparents Day. Congratulations to all and GIDDY UP!


That’s It for This Edition of the Blind Coloradan

Forward, always Forward!

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Is This A Blockbuster Issue of the Blind Coloradan? You Decide


National Federation of the Blind of Colorado logo including tagline: Live the Life You Want

Writer, aggregator Kevan Worley. 
Contributing editor Dan Burke.
Here is what you need to know

Happy Labor Day

More than the unofficial end of Summer, a day for family get togethers, barbeques, and back to school sales, Labor Day is a celebration of hard-working Americans. Of course, people who are blind face the monumental hurdle of finding paid labor. We also know that blind people have often been paid subminimum wage for performing equal labor. In the 1940s, 50s, into the early 60s many people who were blind worked at a sheltered workshop in Denver. Working conditions, pay, and treatment of blind workers was so terrible that NFBCO labored over many years to reform the shop. The shelter shop overlords refused any reform. So, the organized blind of Colorado shut down the shop. To be sure, there are now many non-profits that do provide quality work opportunities for people with disabilities. We respect those companies and organizations who pay equally for equal work. We wish our blind and non-blind laboring friends a Happy Labor Day 2020. Americans began celebrating Labor Day in 1887.

Maya Angelou:  Nothing will work unless you do.

Mother Teresa: The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it.

Booker T. Washington: Nothing ever comes to one that is worth having except as a result of hard work.


Reflection and Contemplation, By Kevan Worley

As we move through the dog days of Summer into a crisp, cool Colorado Fall, I reflect on the important work we have done and a busy Fall ahead. It has been a year of trial and triumph for the NFBCO. We have joined our fellow citizens taking steps to battle the pandemic. We have carefully moved from all virtual training at our Colorado Center back to in-person training. Executive Director Julie Deden tells us that we have half the normal student load for this time of year. Although we missed the vitality, energy, and imagination of all of our in-person Summer youth programs, the Center served dozens of young people through a set of fun and vibrant virtual activities. Our affiliate worked closely with our national center to manage our BELL In-Home edition. BELL stands for Braille Enrichment for Literacy and Learning. We managed a COVID-19 hotline, 303-778-1130 ext. 219. We held 56 Mountain Time at 5 programs bringing timely important information to the blind of the state and nation. Our affiliate participated actively in our national virtual convention. And our chapters have been as active as ever. We continue to grow our relationships with members of the General Assembly, the Governor, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Anchor Center for Blind Children, Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind, and many others. When you consider so many of us have been in lockdown or near lockdown mode, I reflect that we have done pretty well. I contemplate the importance of what we do in the lives of so many. And, like so many of my fellow members, I look forward to the work we will do this Fall with great joy and anticipation. Soon you will be able to register for our annual state convention. It will be held virtually on the 29, 30, and 31st of October. Please share your convention ideas with Jessica Beecham. This year, the registration will be free and it will be replete with informative seminars, a spectacular Thursday evening opening ceremony, a report from our affiliate President, Scott LaBarre, and, a virtual banquet featuring the young and dynamic president of our Nevada affiliate, Terri Rupp. Mrs. Rupp is an activist, wife, mom, competitive runner, and member of the Board of Directors of the National Federation of the Blind. We warmly invite you to make plans now for the NFBCO State Convention, Anywhere and Everywhere.

But wait! There’s more! Soon, you will be able to register for our NFBCO Comcast Virtual 6 Dot Dash. Beginning October 1, we are planning a series of engaging uplifting activities to get you moving and raise money for the work we do.

It will be a busy Fall and we invite you along.


Calling All Parents of Blind Children

Saturday, September 19 at 1 p.m. will be the next meeting of the Colorado Organization of Parents of Blind Children, COPOBC. Parents, teachers, family members, and blind role models encouraged to participate. For Zoom coordinates email Amira. In these unprecedented times of challenges and hurdles to overcome to ensure that our blind kiddos get the best education possible, we hope you will share our COPOBC network with any blind parents and educators of blind students you know.


Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind Acing the Test

We have all experienced or at least read about all of the challenges parents, children, and teachers, are having as school opens in one form or another this Fall. Our attention was recently captured by a brief and powerful article on the CSDB Facebook page. Article was written by Evan MacDonald, teacher of blind students. We hope you enjoy it.


Connecting with the Heartbeat of the Federation. Have You Ever Wondered About the Work We Do at Our NFB Jernigan Institute?

Due to some time constraints at our recent National Convention. We were not able to get to every important item. That’s what YouTube is for. The NFB Jernigan Institute is our training and research institute. It’s training and research on blindness driven by the authentic needs and wants of people who are blind ourselves. In other words, it’s training and research connected to the heartbeat of our movement. We urge you to give the Director of Blindness Initiatives for the NFB, Anil Lewis, your attention. His report is introduced here on YouTube by President Riccobono.


Make Dreams Happen. Support Blind Seniors

From the aggregator: Well, we missed it! August 21st was Senior Citizens Day. In Colorado, we are extremely fortunate to have a robust seniors outreach and support program based at our Colorado Center for the Blind in Littleton. Each year, when the pandemic is not upon us, we lovingly operate one-week programs called Seniors in Charge! We work hard to include our senior citizens in chapter and other NFBCO activities. We recognize that seniors often have obstacles in addition to blindness which can create huge challenges. Our Federation family is committed to the inclusion and empowerment of blind and low vision seniors and their families. In honor of Senior Citizens Day, we urge you to consider making a contribution to support programs which can often make the difference between a quality of life or a life of just existence. For information call 303-778-1130 or email And, a belated Happy Senior Citizens Day to all of us. I’m certainly there.


NFBCO Springs Chapter Goes in Person- Social Distanced, OR on Zoom

We received the following note from Joanne Franklin, Vice President, Colorado Springs chapter:

Saturday, September 12th we will have our next Colorado Springs chapter meeting which is from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.  This will be our first in person meeting since March.  The meeting will be held at one of our chapter members house, Brian Smith, and it will be in his back yard so there will be lots of room for social distancing.  After the meeting, the chapter will be providing a free box lunch.  In order for us to get a good head count for how much food to order, please RSVP by Sept 9th.  Please contact Joanne Franklin by email at or call 719-464-4864. If you can’t make the meeting, we will still have it available online using zoom.

Check the Colorado Talk list serv for the Zoom info announcement late the week of September 7 or email


Putting Together a Powerful Virtual Convention Program. NFBCO Releases Request for Seminar Proposals. We Encourage Individuals, Chapters, Divisions, Professionals in the Field of Blindness to Submit a Proposal by Close of Business September 11. For information contact Jessica Beecham, NFBCO First Vice President.


Fun Activities & Skills Training. We’re Chompin’ At the Bit!

Who?   Blind students ages 4 and up and their families

Where?   Sterne Park, 5800 S Spotswood St, Littleton, CO 80120

When?   Sunday, September 13, 2020 from 12:00 – 2:00 PM

On Monday, August 3 the Colorado Center for the Blind and the Arapahoe County Sheriffs Office’s Mounted Unit collaborated for our first challenge recreation activity in nearly 5 months. The sight of groups of 4, 5, and 6 people leaving the Center on our way to Sterne Park looked eerily similar to Secretariat, Seabiscuit, and Preakness leaving the starting gate at the Kentucky Derby. Our adult students in our Independence Training Program (ITP) loved the experience as did all of the staff. Shortly after the activity, our Executive Director Julie Deden and Lieutenant Rich Anselmi with the Office of Professional Standards at the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office began discussing the possibility of hosting a similar event for our local youth. And so here we are. On Sunday, September 13 from noon to 2:00 PM our blind youth will be able to work with volunteers and deputies from the Mounted Unit to learn all about horses, give them a treat and groom them. We will have horses of all sizes and colors there, hopefully many of you will have the chance to work with the pony Rainbow too.

Deadline to register for this event is Wednesday, September 9, space is limited. Please RSVP by emailing  For questions, please contact Director of Youth Services Martin Becerra-Miranda at (303)778-1130 Ext: 223.


Calling All Guide Dog Handlers

Remember that on the 3rd Sunday of most all months we have a Colorado Association of Guide Dog Users Board Meeting. We call it a board meeting. Officially it is. But, mostly, it is a general membership, come one-come all. Join the crowd on Sunday afternoon, September 20 at 4 p.m. Bring your ideas, your observations, and, of course, a guide dog story or two. For Zoom in information check Colorado Talk the week of the 14th or email Paul Sandoval, Paul is First Vice President of the National Association of Guide Dog Users. We are fortunate to have him on our COAGDU Board. He is also the proprietor of Blind Tech Training and president of our Wild West Chapter. How does he do it all? He rarely sleeps and has a beautiful family.

If you encounter discrimination based on your use of a guide dog, please call our NFBCO assistance line at 303-778-1130 ext. 219.


Cane? Guide Dog? Or Robot?

We received the following link from NFBCO member Gail Hamilton. It’s an interesting article to contemplate.

Mobility device for the blind works like a handheld robotic guide dog.
Guide dogs play an important role as a mobility aid for the visually impaired, but they aren’t the perfect solution for everyone. Things like the cost, smaller living quarters or even allergies can mean that these canines aren’t suitable for many, but a technology under development at Loughborough University offers up another possibility, by channeling the functions of a guide dog into a robotic device you can hold in your hand. Read more here


NFBCO Virtual Choir for State Convention

Hello everyone!

We are having a virtual choir for the state convention and we need more men!!!!  Right now, we have three and I am incredibly grateful for the three men who have stepped up.  In joining the choir, you won’t have to sing in front of anyone.  You see, you will be recording it in the quiet of your own home and then sending in the recording.  So, if you are shy to sing in front of others, we got that covered.

So…who’s in? 

E-mail ReNae Anderson at for more information.  We will be having our first practice on September 4 at 6:30pm.  That date is coming up, so please reach out soon.

Thanks in advance,



USABA Names Molly Quinn as New Chief Executive Officer

Becomes Organization's First CEO.

USABA is pleased to announce the addition of Molly Quinn as the association’s new Chief Executive Officer. Quinn comes to USABA with over 20 years of progressive experience in sales, sports marketing, and philanthropy.

In her new role at USABA, Quinn will work with the board, staff, members, and other stakeholders to develop, implement, and achieve a new strategic plan to increase membership, expand programs, and develop new revenue streams among other goals. She will ensure a continued collaborative relationship with the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC), the International Blind Sports Federation and other NGBs, and will support the men and women’s goalball teams that have qualified for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Mark Lucas, USABA Executive Director, will report to the CEO.

Quinn stated, “I am honored to serve as the first USABA CEO. This role aligns with my personal passion and purpose around sports and fundraising. My career has been focused on creating life-changing experiences and partnerships that drive new revenue through events, services, and sponsorships, which I will continue at the USABA. I look forward to leading an incredible organization focused on providing opportunities for blind and visually impaired athletes to participate and compete. Through inclusion and diversity, I want to be a bigger part of empowering people to live and grow through sport; leading the USABA’s mission will allow me to do just that.”

 She began her duties with USABA on Aug. 3. Read More...

From the Aggregator: NFBCO has worked closely with USABA for many years. We are happy to hear that Executive Director Mark Lucas plans to remain with the organization. We look forward to working with USABA on our upcoming 5 weeklong virtual NFBCO Comcast 6 Dot Dash events. CEO Quinn, welcome to Colorado!


The National Federation of the Blind is working to ensure that all blind voters have the ability to vote privately and independently.
We always encourage blind people, regardless of their political views, to participate in the American democracy.

Hey! Did You Know We Have an Election Coming Up? I know. This is big news to everyone. We are hardly hearing anything about it in the media. But seriously folks, readers of this blog know that NFBCO has worked diligently with the General Assembly and the Secretary of State’s office to ensure that people who are blind can vote by mail. While it is a bit of a clunky process it works. Many of our colleagues voted via this new accessible system in recent elections. While there is still work to do, NFBCO leaders such as Curtis Chong, Dan Burke, Scott LaBarre, and others are continuing to work with officials to make it a more seamless process. We urge you to give this accessible voting by mail system a try. For information you may email Curtis at For information about what the National Federation of the Blind is doing to ensure our right to have a secret ballot and to learn about our voter’s survey visit

Note: NFBCO would like to thank State Senator Jessie Danielson, State Senator Pete Lee, all members of the General Assembly, and Secretary of State Jena Griswold.


Live the Life You Want. The Darian Smith Story

Leading our NFBCO effort to ensure that absolutely every member feels welcomed and knows that their contribution matters is Darian Smith. Darian chairs our Inclusion and Diversity workgroup. The group has asked chapter and division presidents to appoint at least one person to participate in our regular Diversity Corner gatherings. These delegates, if you will, will share information and strategies that will then be shared at chapter and division meetings to encourage discussion. We thought you might be interested in Darian Smith’s story from our National NFB YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Note: no play and all work make NFB committees boring. So, we in our Federation family always have a good time along our journey doing our serious work. So, let me just say to our Inclusion and Diversity committee; The word is intersectionality not intersexuality. (I guess you had to be there.)

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. - Thomas Edison


That’s It for This Edition of the Blind Coloradan.

Forward, always Forward!